Learn the art and science of making persuasive presentations
On 1 & 2 August 2019 @ The Hilton Bangalore
Conducted by experts who craft persuasive  presentations for CXOs worldwide
Built for your leadership team - Founders, CXOs, Vice Presidents, Directors & Managers 

About MasterClass

The MasterClass is a 2-Day business communication workshop, followed by an optional one-on-one mentoring session (online), exclusive for the leadership teams of leading companies. The MasterClass provides a comprehensive overview of all the major topics in persuasive business communications, from content research, audience analysis, storyboarding, idea/data visualization to presentation design. The workshop emphasizes learning by doing, features real-world examples where you will disassemble well-known presentations and learn to assemble best practices & concepts into your own presentations. 

Meet Your Program Host

Vinoo Chacko

Vinoo Chacko is the Founder and CEO of GetStandingOvation. Most recently, he was the GM , New Initiatives @ Cleartrip. Prior to Cleartrip he was the CEO of the funded startup WhistleTalk. 

An alumnus of Indian School of Business (ISB) and having handled Product, Strategy and Operations roles at various organizations, he is familiar with the challenges of internal and external business communications.

In the last 3 years at GetStandingOvation, he has worked with companies of varies sizes. He advises startups at Google Launchpad and Techstars. He consults CXOs and founders in well-funded startups and established multi-national companies in strategizing, crystallizing and crafting persuasive presentations.




Preparatory work
Prior to the masterclass, each participant receives a set of reference resources. The MasterClass and  key exercises during the day would be based on these preparatory materials.


What makes a presentation Great ?
You may classify presentations as “The Good, The Bad or The Ugly”. But there is a small class of presentations that are regarded as Great, by the experts. Learn what makes these presentations, great.


Our philosophy
At GetStandingOvation, the presentation design studio trusted by CXOs worldwide, we follow a philosophical approach to making great presentations. Learn from our success stories.


Start with a clear message
Even before creating the first slide, how to bring clarity to your message. Learn how to bridge the gap between what the presenter speaks and what the audience listens to.


Business storytelling
Stories impact decisions. When used wisely, they can help you achieve favorable outcomes. Learn to put your ideas in a persuasive story structure that captures audience attention.


Snack-sized messages
Learn how to break your complex ideas into bite-size or snack-size content that is short, offers value & meaning, and can be easily understood. Learn how to present complex information in a simple manner.


Idea visualization
They say "A picture is worth a thousand words". Learn techniques to illustrate your ideas in metaphors, examples, pictures, and graphics. 


Data visualization
Learn to use facts and evidence in a visualized manner to persuade your audience. Let your audience understand those insights that you found in the raw data.


Slide design
Learn to think like a designer in designing your slides. Get familiar with the tools, techniques and workflows used by designers at GetStandingOvation in creating delightful visual design.


Putting it all together
Learn the repeatable playbook and workflow followed by the team at GetStandingOvation design studio for creating persuasive presentations.


Who should attend?

The MasterClass isn't for everyone.  You should register if you have 3+ years of professional experience in creating and delivering business presentations. You also know the basics of using any-one of the presentation tool (PowerPoint, KeyNote, Google Slides, Prezi, etc).

Online One-on-On Mentoring

When you start applying the masterclass learning to your day-to-day communication challenges, you may get lost, need inspiration, need expert guidance & feedback.

The online, one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to guide and mentor the masterclass participants to tackle these challenges on your communication content. Your assigned mentor will guide you in tackling your messaging and presentation challenges.​

You may choose to schedule up to TEN 1-hour presentation review sessions worth 35,000 ($500) within 3-months of attending the workshop. Schedule your appointment here.



The challenge that I always faced with an online course was that I have to figure out how to apply the theoretical learnings to my day-to-day communication challenge. In this workshop, you can always reach out to someone who has experience in handling a similar challenge and who could guide you in practical actionable ways to improve your presentation content & design


Multi-National Company


Every book, blog or tutorial about improving your presentation, recommend structuring your presentation as a story. The question that always rattled me was "how to make a story around any given message?". This workshop showed me practical ways of structuring my message into a business story


Software Industry

Sales Head



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