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GetStandingOvation The Pitch Deck Consulting &  Design Studio Trusted By Global Founders

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Pitch Deck Coaching

Create a fundable pitch deck with expert help. Our startup coach, a "Google For Startups" mentor, and a former founder/CEO know firsthand about successful fundraising.
It was $250 per hour. Now Free!

The Pitching Challenge

1. The Founders Know It

You have deep insights into a significant market problem. You have the vision to solve this critical market opportunity better than the current alternatives or existing competition. You have an aggressive plan to make your venture profitable and defend your turf.

2. Short Investor Meeting

You have an upcoming 30-minute investor pitch meeting.

3. How To Educate The Investor?

Given the short attention span of the investors, how can you make your pitch as simple as possible so that the investor understands your business within 30-minutes

4. The Gap

There is a gap between what the founder wants to TELL and
what investors want to HEAR

So The Founder Needs Help

To translate the pitch from the founder’s perspective to
investors perspective
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So Who Can Help The Founders?

Former Elite Players Make Better Coaches.

You believe former elite players make better coaches because they have been there and done that.

Get coached by an Ex-Founder/CEO 

The team at GetStandingOvation have pitch deck consultants who were ex-founders/CEOs of startups that have successfully raised funding from investors


Expert Who Thinks Like A Founder

These consultants think like founders and help founders solve their startup-specific challenges
on the business model, strategy, product management, product-market-fit (PMF), pricing, Go-To-Market (GTM), sales strategy, growth, market sizing, valuations, hiring founding and leadership team, negotiating investor term sheets, communicating the vision, positioning, messaging etc.

Need Help
Ex Founders

Book a Pitch Deck Consulting

Free. 1-On-1. Online. 60-Minutes

Meeting Agenda 


05 Minutes - Mutual Intros

50 Minutes - Ask Me Anything On Building a Startup, Fundraising, Pitch Decks

05 Minutes - Call to action

60-minutes - Experience the unique perspective we bring to the table

It was $250 per hour. Now Free!
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What To Expect

Fundraising Coaching

How to build a startup, create a fundable pitch deck, approaching investors, answering questions that investors will ask entrepreneurs etc.

Ask Me Anything

On building a startups, fundraising and pitch deck

Business Review

Review traction, Go-To-Market plans, KPIs, Unique value propositions, MOAT, Market sizing, Financial models, Product market fit (PMF) etc.


Fix The Issues Identified 

Concrete recommendations on how to fix identified challenges

What To Expect

Ban Presentations | Portfolio

Most presentations need to be banned. Why?
Rebuttal: When Jeff Bezos banned PowerPoint at Amazon

About Us

GetStandingOvation is a pitch-deck consulting & design studio trusted by global founders.

The expert coach who reviews your startup pitch will be an ex-startup founder/CEO who has successfully raised funding.
About Us

Testimonial - Case Study

Dave McClure

Billionaire Investor
Founding Partner 500 Startup

"Nice job turning my mess (AARRR-Pirate Metrics presentation) into something useful."

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